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Where to Go in 2022, According to the Experts

January 10, 2022

With COVID-19 restrictions still playing a major part in consumer decisions, 2021 was very much a year of change, transformation, and flexibility for the travel industry.  Domestic and close to home destinations, the big winners from 2020, continued to thrive in an uncertain environment, while the legacy destinations, those that have always attracted North American consumers, benefited from a return to travel.So, now that the calendar has officially flipped into 2022, what is trending for this year? More of the same?According to travel advisors, a lot of the same remains top-of-mind for consumers, but there are other destinations, some far-flung and others close-to-home, that are capturing the imagination of clients, and some new ones that are on top of the list when it comes to recommendations.Here is what travel advisors have to say:Read the full article HERE.

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